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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Honey Express Bike

Okay, I have been meaning to go with the proverbial "picture is worth a thousand words" adage, but have continually forgotten about taking a picture until the chore was complete.

And so without further adieu (in other words, before I post anything else) I have finally taken the picture of the fully hitched and ready to run "Honey Express Bike" AKA Winnie the Poo Bear - er. (Sorry, I inherited my humour from my father, I couldn't help myself - I digress...)

Presenting .... Winnie the Poo Bear -er

Okay, we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Today the wind is roaring enough to put white caps on the little lake we hold so near and dear. Not a day for the rookie kayaker, to be sure.

I was going to run the washer today, but I wasn't wanting to run the dryer, and quite frankly, I think I would be challenged to get the items washed on the line before they were blown over to Squaw Lake for an extra rinse!! I am therefore postponing that chore for tomorrow.

The fluffies are enjoying the slow and people populated day we are having, so are soaking up the attention contentedly.

In spite of the wind, the solar panels are secure, and amazingly enough, of no concern at this time. We have been assured that they are quite capable of holding their own in winds up to 80 mph. I would be loathed to test the full extent of that, but am nonetheless, comforted by the detail.

Part of today's meandering includes finding homes for the raft of scores we made in our "quick shopping" yesterday. Of particular distraction was an outlet known as Harbor Freight Tools (Dad calls it the candy store) and it unassumingly consumed a good 2 hours of our day. Not bad for a shop whose whole customer friendly floor space could not have occupied more than about 2,000 square feet - quite small compared to the now popular warehouse style shopping centres. We were greatly appreciative of its contribution to our home.

One thing we have been told about and now experienced is that Black Friday, or the Friday following the American Thanksgiving is bargain day. It is also said in the commerce world, that if you have not made it into the proverbial Black in your book keeping world by this date, you can safely say that this year you will not make it out of the red ergo, the title of Black Friday.

One prize was something that I refer to as a babushka toolbox set.

This durable plastic set has 4 toolboxes that nest inside each other when empty, and will greatly aid in organizing Ken's woodworking hobby tools. Not bad for just $24.99. Most of the other treasures would best be placed inside said ensemble.

Well, it is getting hungry out as it is past noon and then some, so I will break for a feed, and bid you


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