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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day trip to Quartzsite

We decide to go on a day trip yesterday. We went for a change of scenery. We were also hopeful that we would, by chance find our Oliver neighbours in the area as we knew that it was their destination before we lost track of them.

We did also get to see the Yuma Blimp which is used, among other things, for border surveillance. You can actually see it to the north of our park site.

I didn't take any pictures as it was a fairly continuous scene of what I would call pre-desert landscape. (When I picture desert, I picture no foliage, and sand dunes) There was plenty of plant life in the area, of the arid friendly persuasion - cacti, mesquite trees, and scrub brush.

We didn't see our friends motorhome, but we did stop to see some of the stalls and shops in what I would consider to be the tourist district of Quartzsite.

What we did find out is where you can go if you are extremely tight budgeted and want to do snowbirding. You would have to be set up as boondock friendly as there are no hook-ups, but for $40 short term, and $180 for a season, you can land in the middle of nowhere with several thousand of your closest friends. The site just south of Quartzsite on highway 95 on the left side is the only landing area with a dumping station and water refill that is included in the fee. (I think it is the second host station on the left, but it is the one that also has a host station across the highway on the right). It is called La Posa.

The town is appropriately named as it is the region that harvests a wide range of beautiful stones and rocks which when polished radiate a beauty worthy of jewelry.

Unfortunately, I am not much for jewelry, and having very limited space, I would have nowhere to put any treasures.

I am also still experiencing great difficulties with my Picasa web photo program, and am therefore limited in my ability to download and upload. (I am hoping that my archived posts are not experiencing problems because of it.)

Anyway, for now, I am going to head out on another day to see what it holds.

So I will bid you