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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picasa - It's working again :-)

I did a bit of figuring and looking about, I discovered that I was overdue for updating my software for Picasa. Now that I have downloaded and installed the updates, it is functioning very well, and as an added bonus, it went through all my pictures and helped me to tag my people. Too cool!!

For security sake, very few of my people shots are included in this post, but for anyone not using a web album, this is a neat way to organize.

Tags are an organizing tool that lets you use a search rather than manual scan to find a theme in your shots. Folders are a good start, but for example, if I have tagged properly (which is a bit of work at the start when you already have a lot of untagged shots to go through - but worth it) I can do a search for pictures of Aunt Bertha in Calamazoo and it will narrow the shots I need to look at to those only tagged with Aunt Bertha, and with a geotag of Calamazoo.

Anyway, since my up and downloads are now working properly, I am inserting a few shots of what I referred in my last post to pre-desert and one shot of the blimp.

Anyway, we are off to greet the day, so I will update you as I go. For now, I bid you



  1. Oh, the desert... Fond memories.

  2. Today was too cool. We didn't set out for touring until after 3 with my folks, but wow, what an outting!! I didn't bring my camera, but my new phone did a pretty good job..... now I have to get a memory stick for it so I can download it.

    Stay tuned :-)